Talk – das weisse haus – Vienna

Group Exhibition
“Zwischen Innen und Außen”
with Christian Bazant-Hegemark, Isabel Cordeiro, Sonia Knopp, Fabian Patzak und Julia Rothmund
Opening: September 21, 2010, 7pm // Exhibition: September 22 – October 30, 2010
das weisse haus, Vienna, AT

Images of space, of interior and exterior, are the focus of this exhibition with painting. It is the unknown, undefined place with which the five artists are dealing in their works and which is often just indicated through landscape elements, fragments or details of space. Most of the images display an empty space, allowing us to expect possible events. By means of variations in technique and format and of the various approaches, space may be experienced as a retreat and in its intimacy on the one hand, and the other hand perceived in its limitlessness. Also the atmosphere varies from loneliness, alienation and longing to security and peace. Likewise it is the change between internal and external, which is a topic in each of the individual works: The interfaces and connections between the interior and the outside world, the boundaries between real and virtual space, the interactions between existing and constructed world, between physical and mental experiences, between the visible and invisible.

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