Infinity Forest
with Matthew Chan and Katie Hepworth_2009

Spacial intervention realized in the context of the project Laneways By George! Hidden Networks. The goal of the initiative was to occupy Sydney’s forgotten spaces with temporary artworks. In this context we created the Infinity Forest, a green box located in a narrow alley, between fire escapes, vehicle ramps and back door entrances. The Infinity Forest is a reflective box with birch trees inside. The idea was to create a green spot offering the passer-by an alternative experience. By using a fragment of reality (a few trees) augmented by the mirrors we manage to create an image of something to be: a full forest in 10m2.

(photos: Brett Boardman)
Nederland en Water(werken)_2009

Design proposal for a commemorative coin. The coin reflects the relation between the Netherlands and the water and pays special tribute to all the water infrastructure built in the country.


Luzboa_the mith of the sunquake_2005
with Bert de Muynck

Project proposal for Luzboa an urban event in Lisbon, Portugal, surrounding the theme ‘light’. We wrote a fiction story that would develop throughout the city in the form of ‘clues’ which were painted with fluorescent light. These clues would become visible when light would reflect on them.

Proposal for an art intervention in the building site of the North-South Metro Line in Amsterdam.
The proposal consisted of a periscope that connected visually the street level to the underground level. The idea was to turn the building process accessible and comprehensive to the inhabitants of the city.
HSL Boulevard_2003
with Berend Strik
Proposal for the HSL (the high speed train line in Holland) competition ‘Design for Spaces Left Over After Planning’.
The goal was to turn infrastructure elements, associated with the train line, environmental and people friendly. In this context we proposed to convert sound barriers into vertical gardens.
Art in Denterpark_2003
with Berend Strik
Project proposal for an art intervention in the business area, Amsterdam Zuidas. We proposed to introduce a square with ‘artificial nature’ in the middle of the high business buildings.
House of Hearts_2001/02
with Berend Strik+One Architecture
Schematic design for the Huntey dwelling: the twins Carla and Claudia, who suffer from sever Tourette syndrome. We designed spaces and objects which could interact and cope with their condiction.
Elderly House for Artists_2002
with Berend Strik+One Architecture
Research project concerning the role of elderly artists in society. The project was developed for the exhibition ‘WAYS OUT’ held in the Stroom, Den Haag.